Monday, January 31, 2011

Same Drink...Different Day

No sunshine in the "A." But there is still life as I know it. Preparing to promote my shows for the at the Chocolate Bar (Downtown Atlant) and the other tenative....come on Johnny lets do it! I have attached so much to the outcome that I have really hendered my progress over the years...get the hell out of the way me!!!! LOL! No seriously, my ego...not so much that it is vain but that my ego is so sensitive and worried about stuff that has nothing to do with me...."Move...B#tch...get out the way!" As in Ludacris' song!

Yet for some reason, I am optimistic today. Maybe because I spoke with two of my Atlanta based that I am sure is my friend...she came to me in a way that I least expected...her big old spirit in a little body...young based on age, old based on her past life...I can tell she has been here...God is giving her a little suprise gift that for some reason I believe she can her mentor...I just want to support her and be there for her in instances that I think a human being should be. I want to be there for her at times where I wish that somebody could have been there for me...but I know there will come a time when I can't. I know she is prepared. Thank you God. She has loving family that are supportive of her so, I think she is covered and so is her gift.

We must protect our gifts and our gifted ones. We must hold them tight when they don't want to be held. Held tight in prayer, meditations and positive energy...projected. Call on the angels to surround them. It's me it's me, it's me oh God standing in the need of pray. I pray that those who I believe to love me are sending angels of protection my way. I have a gift that has been compromised by esteem and just plain situations and people. But I sit here today proclaiming preservation for my self....sometimes you have to encourage yourself...who new that life was nothing more than a self proclaimed pep-rally...I didn't, but I sure do know matter how you feel...speak the word and you will be healed! Same Drink...Different Day...just a creative way to say what my grandaddy would say."Same soup warmed over....." Yummy!

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