Thursday, January 27, 2011

The First Time.....

This is supposed to be from my perspective....We share this experience called life but I am the only one that sees through my two eyes.  Thank you God for my sight.  With it I get to observe and envision....Since I was three years old I knew that I could sing and so could my kindergarten teachers....."Rain drops on roses...and whiskers on kitten....bright copper kettles and warm wolen mittens...."  Probably experiencing the music much like John Coltrane did when he first heard it.  No, I am in no way insenuating that I am nearly the genius of John Coltrane...I am saying that just as he found those vibrations to that "song" magnetic, attractive and almost hypnotizing so did the age of three.  I am saying that my appreation for music became conscious to me at age three.  Anything before that, I have only heard stories...stories like I was 6 months old knodding and sitting up on my on to music...I think I remember that...but it's probably just my imagination.  My father used to sing and dance with us until he moved out, I was probably in third grade by that point.  His musical gifts are probably why my mom allowed him to stay up until that point...that's no low blow to my Dad, because his gift from God is so big that he can barely handle it.  I smile when I think of my daddy's singin and dancin' skills.  My mother on the other hand just knows what's good and even more, what's good to her!  She is usually right...she is a trend setter, an artistic visionary...who's talents can't be boxed in or held she floats like and angel...just don't offend her...and the world is happy....I think if my parents knew how my visions of them shaped my perceptions of life they would feel special...but that's only if they knew the magnitude of their artistic gifts.....sooooo now if I am the combination of them both with a little sugar on top, my artistic perspective manifested must be pretty me that is...just to me. 

I hear it, I feel it, I see it I know it, I attempt to master it, I am in control of it and out of control of it, I am addicted to it, happy with it, frustrated by it, not responsible for it, neglectful of it, resting in it's sweet imbrace, saved by it's grace, focused on it, taking advantage of it...I am in a serious relationship with music...looks like our status is complicated.

The way I measure my connection to others through my gifts are through smiles, tears, hugs and mean mugs.   Indicators of impact, validation; good or bad.  A reminder that I am still human and that's all i can be in this consciousness...human....what does human mean to next blog will be my perspective on being human!

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