Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Killing Me Softly - Live, Cafe 290

Some nice footage!

Thanks for coming out to Cafe 290!

...This gig was friends came out to support, I got flowers and a Gigi's cupecake and a suprise call...Could not have asked for a better V-Day 2011, thanks again: Carrie, Courtney, Don Seaberry, Teja Veal, Gary Harris, Asante Rhondes, Chantele Brown, Franchesca, Sedric Bogan, and John Scatena...feels like I am at the Grammys but I guess aint nothin wrong with practicing...Esperanza Spaulding won; taking everybody by surprise to me, clearly she and everybody in her tribe believes thus a successful outcome! Much Love!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My V-Day Show...Join Me!

Soooo excited wish I had more time to promote....Don Seaberry(keyboard) and Teja Veal (bass) will be playin' with me. Chea! Delighted by this! Hadiya Williams designed my flyer it's soooo cute to me....I am happy!

We will be at Cafe 290, Atlanta GA this Monday...the actual Valentine's Date...I think it's leap year this year...somebody confirm please. The first set is 8:30pm and the second set at 10pm....Music for lovers so that should mean everybody...not just romantic lovers just those that love...