Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Frank Ocean's Beautiful Love Story: The Patience of Job!

So it took three years for the other guy to admit he had feeling for Frank too? I am guessing it did not work out because the sky was falling at the end of his note. (... those may have been song lyrics.) 

Anyhow, I see this as a love story...never realized that it could take somebody three years to realize they love you...never realized at 32 how immature I am when it comes to love or maybe just impatient.

I care for someone but don't see it as love...but it amazes me to know that he could turn around a year later and finally admit the same...but because we cannot see the future who knows how I would feel fast forward for this person. At this point I know that if I have just moved, on that is what it is but...after reading Frank’s letter I would not hold the time frame it took for the person to realize his feeling for me against him. 

"Though we collided we stand divided and if you change your mind in due time our cloudy days will shine...I won’t wait for you but you are always welcomed...just knock..." keepin it movin!

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