Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am the echo...


My hair does not fit the mold of typical western hair is kinky and it coils up and strinks if you do not detangle and seperate and plat hair does not have to be washed daily and nor can it tolerate the stripping away of moisture that the average shampoo my hair cannot be combed through while dry because it hair has the potential to grow if I foster a sensitive environment for that. My scalp is the target for washing...I must rediscover what to do with my hair in it's natural state other then locks for hair texture is unique to me my DNA, my Divine Abosolute Nature holds the code to it and only I have access...

So the question is, would I go to a Suave commercial audition? No, because I do not fit that particular mold.

I had a conversation with a friend regarding some auditions that she had been turned down at because she does not fit the look. However prior to attending auditions the requirement was that she would have talent with her specific instrument. What does talent have to do with a certain look? Nothing, they are two seperate things. If you are looking for a look and you are putting out and ad for audition opportunities, please don't waste people's time by not being specific for what you are looking for. If you want someone like Rihanna just say it. Don't drag people out of their homes to insult them by saying they don't look right to you. It's unproffessional and rude. If I am a size six why the hell would I go shopping at Lane Bryant and vice versa?

I am not saying anything that has not been said before, I am the echo of the rejected and displaced person. I am in the likeness of a creator that I have never seen creator is evident in me. And the truth is everybody is different in every since of the words "body" and "different." My mold was broken when my Divine Nature Absolute manifested it's self in the flesh. Thank you GOD! I am leaning on my younger sisters for they are innovating ways and rediscovering self-care for women such as myself. Self care for my kind did not stop and the Madame....innovation, evolution, creation, adaptation, resourefulnes...that's what it attention and learn something along the way for the sake of our they don't have to screem no more, and I won't have to resonate in the echo, so that I might find peace within me.

Definition of MOLD
1: distinctive nature or character : type
2: the frame on or around which an object is constructed
3a : a cavity in which a substance is shaped: as (1) : a matrix for casting metal (2) : a form in which food is given a decorative shape b : a molded object
4: molding
5a obsolete : an example to be followed b : prototype c : a fixed pattern : design

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